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Bassam Alasad

Professional Highlights

Bassam Alasad serves as the Managing Director and Chief Creative Officer at Creative Media Solutions. As a member of the Producers Guild of America, he has played a pivotal role in producing and co-producing numerous projects spanning films, reality shows, and digital content across the region. Notable works include his role as an executive producer in projects like "Born a King" and "Champions."

In 2014, Bassam embarked on a journey toward green-producing, and in 2018, he co-founded Greener Screen, a media sustainability consultancy in partnership with BAFTA.

Bassam's commitment to global impact is evident through his affiliations with the Global Impact Producers Network, the Documentary Association of Europe, and The Global Climate Storytellers Network (GCSN).

In 2021, Bassam joined the Amman International Film Festival team as the Head of Industry during its second edition, further solidifying his presence in the film industry.

Current Endeavors

Presently, Bassam is actively involved in two compelling feature film projects as the lead producer: "Montreal" by Ameen Nayfeh and the hybrid documentary "Finding Oum Al Ghaith" by Abeer Bayazidi.


Bassam's journey began in 2006 when he transitioned from a marketing career to becoming a TVC creative producer. His business acumen, coupled with a series of artistic and technical producing workshops, laid the foundation for his diverse producing skills.

He initiated his career by producing and directing TVCs, TV short documentaries, news features, and TV programs for various prominent TV stations in the region, including LBC, Al Jazeera, Sharjah Media, Dubai TV, FOX Movies, and numerous independent productions, including two experimental documentaries and a short fiction film.

In 2014, Bassam became a member of the Producers Guild of America, and in 2022, he joined the Documentary Association of Europe (DAE).

His involvement in industry-related activities is extensive. From serving on the preliminary judging panel for the Mashies Awards in 2015 to being a jury member for various film festivals and contests, including the Jerusalem Arab Film Festival, Maskoon Fantastic Film Festival, Lebanese Film Fund, and the Pitching Platform jury at Tripoli Film Festival in Lebanon, his dedication to the film community is unwavering.

In his current role as Managing Director and Chief Content Officer for Creative Media Solutions/Integracast, Bassam has been instrumental in developing, producing, and commissioning several projects since 2011.

In 2017, he co-founded Greener Screen in Dubai and Amman, a social enterprise committed to helping the regional media industry achieve net-zero emissions by 2030.

In 2021, Bassam's leadership as the Head of Industry at the Amman International Film Festival contributed to a diverse program focused on the industry's impact and future.

Furthermore, in 2023, Bassam joined the steering committee of the Global Climate Storytellers Network (GCSN) for a year, lending his support to its launch.

Top Produced Projects



Bassam has produced and directed numerous films that support educational development in Jordan, collaborating with organizations such as Her Majesty Queen Rania's educational program "Madrasati," a Newspaper in Education program in Jordan, CMN-Jordan, and CDFJ. One of his notable works is the short documentary titled "History of You Museum."

Independent Production (Director-Producer)

His independent productions include "Desert Mall," where he served as Director/Producer for a short documentary, and "Life for Rent," which earned a recommendation in Dubai Film Festival's film market in 2012. Additionally, his short animation film "Blackout" was screened at the International Press Congress in Amman in 2013.

TV Production (Producer)

In the realm of TV production, Bassam has made significant contributions as an executive producer for "Al Batal Season 2" on FOX Movies, FOX, and Icflix in 2014. He also produced and directed the UAE's PSA for Earth Hour in 2015, as well as a series of short documentaries for the eastern area of Sharjah. His roles include Executive Producer for Sharjah Media Programs (Wousta Channel), Producer for "Lel Seha Enwan Season 1" on Abu Dhabi TV, and the pilot episode for "Beduin Drama - Qalb Al Hor" and "Animation series - Union Force."

In Development Projects


Bassam is currently involved in the production of "Montreal," a feature film in the financing stage.


He is also actively working on "Finding Oum Al Ghaith," a documentary in the financing and development phase.

Bassam's contributions extend to feature films, including his role as Executive Producer in "Born a King." Additionally, he serves as Co-Producer for "Champions," both produced by Andres V Gomez and Creative Media Solutions and worked as a Distribution Consultant for "Khorfakkan, produced by Sharjah Broadcast Authority and Written by HRH Dr Sultan Al Qasimi, the ruler of Sharjah. 

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