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Creative Producing


Producing is not only working with budgets, handling crew and manage the production. It's way beyond that, Having a creative producer onboard means that you can make sure there is a link between the Scriptwriter and the budget without affecting the creative flow.


Creative Producer is the one who connects the dots with fresh eyes to any project and works as a catalyst between the writer and the director and helps the lead producer to stay on budget without affecting the quality. 


For Consulting you can contact Bassam Here  


Top Produced Projects



TV Production

  • Al Batal Season 2 -  Executive producer, FOX Movies, FOX and Icflix 2014

  • Produced and directed UAE's PSA for earth hour 2015

  • Short documentaries series for the eastern area in Sharjah


In Development Projects


  • Captain Future - Documentary series

  • 30-One - Social experimental series



Feature films


Born a King (Creative media solutions) 



In Development

  • On the edge -Executive producer and Director

  • Bissan / Executive producer and Director


Digital Production



Zika Boys - Showrunner, Executive Producer and Director


In Development

Berlin Camp - Showrunner, Executive Producer and Director



Champions without borders/interactive documentary series - Creator - Executive Producer.


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