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I was a foodie.. Still I am but with a better life style 

October 2012 i was flying back from Doha to Amman, it was a lunch time and because i'm tall and overwieght i booked an exit seat, i recieved my tray but i couldent open the side table necause it got stuck over my belly! at that moment i knew its not a body suit as i convenced my self that i can take and handle anytime i want, its my own body and i'm not happy anymore about this ! 

two month prior this incedent i was in a recording studio with a dear friend of mine i met a sound engineer, he was jugging milk.

after an hour or so we were talking and laughing, he paused and said i really love to show fat people this picture, i didnt get offended because i dont consider my self a fat people ! i'm just cool big fluffy chubby dude.


he showed my his picture 6 months ago, he was fat ! so am i ! and gave a phone number for a nutriounist if i liked the idea.


i told my family the story and mom kept pushing me to go just for a concultancy and i was saying nooo ! i'll handle it with gym and cut the dinner, but i didnt and i traveled back to my work in doha!


a week before my trip back to Amman, i recieved a call from mom and my sister and they told me they booked me a concultancy session with the nutrionist and its about time to save my self!


i arrived Amman, and i really hated that flight! 


its Monday October 7 , this is my first time i ever visited a nutrionist, i took my younger brother with me i stepped over the scale, i was 159,2 KG, i didnt knew that ! i was in a shock , my bodyfat was 68% i was swimming in my own grease !  


I didnt meet the nutrionist but i saw her assistants, they made couple of tests and asked me some questions about allergies and what i like and what i dont ! and they told me wait our call.


a week had passed and i didnt recieve any call, i called them back... she answered and told me to wait because the nutrionisnts is not taking anyone at the moment but next week will start with new particepants.


During these two weeks i felt they did that in purpose so i'll be sure 100% that i will commit to this and i think , rethin and rethink again but i was ready ! i saw couple of friends who had strocks and barley survived ! our lifestyle is not super! and i wasnt Superman.


i recieved the call, it was end of October as i recall, i went there for a final medical checkup and i was told next week i will recive my first week my deit program!




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