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Green Production

Since 2014, Bassam has shifted toward more sustainable solutions in film and TV productions as part of reflecting personal values in his career. The process started as self-learning and practical experiments; then he  joined international green movements such as p.g.a Green and BAFTA's Albert+


Between 2014 and 2016, Bassam supervised and produced many TV and online productions to experiment with more sustainable techniques that led to (environmentally friendly production and cost reduction).


In 2016, The Initiative that started in Bassam Home company CMS/Integracast won best service innovation. 


In 2017, Bassam Co-founded Greener Screen as a sustainable production consultancy and think tank based in Dubai, and in 2021, Greener Screen moved to Masdar City - Abu Dhabi as its new home. 

Since 2020, Bassam has trained more than 200 in the MENA region in both sustainable production and sustainable storytelling and supervised many productions and the creation of in partnership with Aflamuna/Beriut DC. 


  • Al Batal season 2 FOXMovies 2014

  • Earth Hour UAE Video  (EWS-WWF) 2014

  • Al Sharqiya short documentaries (Sharjah media) 2015

  • TV Project Lighting Studio consultancy (Qatar) 2016.

  • Al Wusta Programs (Sharjah media) 2015-2017

  • Earth hour UAE campaign (EWS-WWF) 2017

  • Give up the ghost 2019

  • Costa Brava Film - Lebanonn

  • Clouser  Film- Jordan

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