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Amman Film Industry Days reveals projects and jury members

July 19, 2023


Speaking about the selected projects, Bassam Alasad, Head of Industry at the AIFF, said: “Given the large number of project submissions, it was a difficult choice for the readers, who took into consideration several factors – such as diversity of narratives – in addition to the quality of the projects submitted. The Industry Days are an important platform from which all professionals can benefit, beyond the selected projects and the awards granted to them.”


US collaboration with Amman International Film Festival 

Sep 18, 2023


كيف تتسبب مشاهدة مسلسلك المفضل في تدمير الكوكب؟ | #كوكبنا

Jun 6, 2023

يتحدث بسام الأسعد مؤسس الشريك لغرينر سكرين عن تجربته في الإنتاج المستدام في المنطقة العربية


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Amman Film Festival announces creative team and artwork for second edition

July 7, 2021


Bassam Alasad commented: “I didn’t hesitate for a second when joining the second edition of AIFF as the Head of Industry. I felt I have something to share that could be a small addition to our industry through the Festival. We will be focusing on specific themes. AFID offers pitching platforms for filmmakers in addition to being an opportunity to learn and share knowledge with regional and global experts.”



We are the champions

David Ingham September 9th 2014


Another reality TV format is making waves in the region, but there isn’t a singer or theatrical stage in site. Al Batal (the champion) takes hopefuls from different Arab countries, trains them intensively in mixed martial arts and then puts them in the arena to see who will be ‘the champion’.


Broadcast Forum 2015 kicks off.

Digital Production Middle East Staff on Feb 4, 2015 


The first of three-panel discussions looked at how broadcasters are attempting to diversify their revenue streams, overcome challenges in local content production, and coax viewers to pay for content. The second panel of the day, looking at industry disruptors, will show the extent to which success can prevail by thinking outside the box. The third panel will move on to look in-depth at the value of advertising, the role of advertising agencies and how advertising rates can be increased.

Confirmed speakers include Carlos Tibi, CEO of Icflix; Bassam Alasad, chief content officer, Creative Media Solutions (CMS); Jean Claude Torbey, regional executive director of Rotana Home Entertainment; Nick Grande, managing director of Channel Sculptor; Luke Gaydon, Vice President of Media, EMEA, Brightcove and Yousef Tuqan Tuqan, chief innovation Officer, Leo Burnett/Publicis Group MENA.


بسام الأسعد: طموحي توقف الإستهجان عند رؤية كاميرا في الشارع
عين نيوز ـ هبه جوهر  ١٨ حزيران ٢٠١٠
وأكد الاسعد أنه يقوم بنشر الثقافة السينمائية عن طريق برنامجه في راديو البلد ، وكتابته في قسم “سينماتك” في مجلة انت، كما أنه يقوم بعدة أعمال تطوعية للتدريب على التصوير الفوتغرافي وتصوير الفيديو، ولعل أهم تلك الاعمال التطوعية تعاونه مع مشروع “مدرستي” في مبادرة تبنتها الملكة رانيا العبدلله لتدريب طلاب المدارس على التصوير


إنتاج البرامج والدراما التلفزيونية.. بين الهواية والاحتراف

 لقاء بسام الأسعد مع سكاي العربية
بسام الأسعد
سراج الشهر شهر ديسمبر ٢٠١٠ 

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